URL Link to Open Specified File or Folder

I’m aware that macros can be triggered by following links like this:


Can I create a link something like this that will open the file or folder using path specified:

kmtrigger://macro=specify path to open here

Note that I’m aware links to files can be specified by simply adding file:// before file path. But this isn’t what I need as software I’m using cannot open these links.

I think you would need to:

  • Write a macro with a name like openPath
  • and use a url to do two things:
    1. open that macro, and
    2. also pass a url-encoded path to it as a parameter.

examples of following a macro name with &key=value here

kmmacro://macro=<Macro Name or UUID>[&<Key=Value>]

see [manual:URL Schemes](https://wiki.keyboardmaestro.com:8443/manual/URL_Schemes)

I was hoping the below would work, but it didn't. Attached is a screenshot of macro and in green box is the url. I need a way of passing the path specified in the url into the macro.

I'm not sure how this would interact with the restrictions on your local system, but here I find that with a macro like:

openPath.kmmacros (18.5 KB)

I can open a folder like /Users/houthakker/General Notes

by clicking this link (with a URI-component-encoded path) in an app like TaskPaper:


That works, many thanks

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