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The keyboard Maestro macro that allows me to copy a URL and pasted it as I need is working and I think you for the help. Rob planted an idea in my head something like this. I would have a User Prompted input that would be title YouTube URL input. There would be three places to load the information. An ams for morning service video. I would load a default URL that would contain the URL for my YouTube channel. I would copy the URL for the ams video once YouTube assigned it an URL. Paste it in. Same would occur for pms and Class. Those would load into 3 available variables.
Then I would have them available to be pasted in where I would need the URL to go for someone to select and go to that video. Example I would, as I currently do (semi-colonytams) would paste the URL for the AM video. (semi-colonytpms) for the PM service and (semi-colonytclass) for the Class video.
I hope I explained that ok. Any ideas on that one would be appreciated.

Separate item: I can currently type ;Vams and get a Page that is fully formatted that is the description for my YouTube Video – Formatted –
Mike Hughes | Sunday Morning 19 May 2041

DBR2024 The Physician, The Sick and the Church

Speaker: Mike Hughes

Resources: Bible Correspondence Course

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The Bible Correspondence Course is a clickable link as well as the PODCAST names. That’s where the previous information comes in. Any help appreciated.