URL macros won't fire in Chrome


I run chrome on a Mac.
I am using KM to speed up my workflow in website development.
I am using oxygen builder in Wordpress.
I downloaded some macros made by Sridhar Katam, who is a prolific writer of tutorials.

I followed all of his instructions here.

But I still get this message on my computer and the macros won't fire.


Any help would be appreciated.

@peternlewis @ccstone @DanThomas

Any ideas?

No ideas here.

Hey Deme,

I'm just guessing, but the author may have changed his plug-in and messed up the Xpaths.

You can copy Xpaths in Chrome's Web Inspector and compare against the elements in the macros.

That should give you an idea of what's going on.


Is it this issue: Allow JavaScript From Apple Events ?