Usage Statistics?

Hi all! I was recently prompted to upgrade and in that upgrade window I was given usage statistics. Besides the upgrade window, where can I find those statistics again? I’ve scoured the menu and preferences but can’t find it. Thanks!

Hi Norm,

Are you talking about the estimated time saved, or things like how many times a macro was run? If it’s the former, you can find that in the “About Keyboard Maestro” command found under the Keyboard Maestro menu, and if it’s the latter, you can hit ⌘4 or choose Macro Inspector from the Window menu while selecting a macro to see the stats for a given macro.

The former. Thank you! A few followup questions. That window doesn’t seem to say when those time savings started, I honestly can’t remember when I started using KM. Also, is there a way to reset those stats? I had one macro that seems to be way off. It was a simple one that would display a notification when a certain application switched windows. It said that it had saved me something like 60 days in the last year (since I started using that app) which isn’t possible. Thanks!

No problem! A relatively easy way to reset those stats would be to delete the Keyboard Maestro Macro Stats.plist file from the preferences folder, which can be accessed from the Help menu under “Open Preferences Folder”. As per standard operating procedure, I’d suggest making a backup of the file first just in case deleting it changes anything you don’t want deleted.