USB Deice Key Trigger Does Not Work

I am using a Logitech MX3 as my mouse, and I want to have a trigger to double clicking with mouse left click. However when I set the this device key trigger and set the "is tapped twice" it seems does not work. "is pressed" and "is down" works well.

I have a different brand mouse, and I have the same symptoms as you. It's not just the "is tapped twice" that doesn't work, it's about half of the options.

I don't really know the answer, but I suspect it's because MacOS uses different types of system events for some mouse triggers. KM probably works only when the correct type of event is used. (This explanation is just a "best guess.")

One thing you probably can do to fix this is to launch the Logitech software to change the signals that the primary mouse buttons send. If that software lets you redefine the primary mouse button (some software refuses to let you redefine that button) then you can probably make this work. I did this once before, and it solved this exact problem. However there's a side effect of doing that, and you may have to handle the side effect in a KM macro. If you want to experiment with this solution, we can try.