USB Device Key Trigger hunt

I read in this forum that the USB Device Key Trigger can detect a mouse click, which is what I need to do. How do I acquire said trigger? There's no link in the forum discussions. No link in the Wiki. I go to the main site. There's no word "trigger" on the web page. I scroll down to the bottom of the web page. I decide to click "Feature List." I think, "I made a good choice." I see "Triggers" in tiny print in the tiny "Table of Contents." I find and click the link "USB Device Key Trigger." I end up back at the Wiki entry. Is this great, or what?

I beg someone to tell me how to download the trigger. I beg someone at Stairways to improve your Keyboard Maestro websites. This kind of runaround shouldn't happen.

I don't understand, the Wiki entry for the USB Device Key trigger is the reference documentation for the trigger. Where did you expect it to take you?

If you want to know how you add a trigger, start with the Tutorial (Help ➤ Tutorial).

If you want to know more about triggers in general, the Macro Triggers user manual section is probably a good place to start.

If you want to know how to select the mouse button as the trigger key, once you have added the trigger, click the button and the click the mouse button. Nate that if the macro is currently active, that will mean your macro will immediately run every time you click the mouse button, so you will want to be careful at that point otherwise a lot of bad things could happen.

I was not looking for a mouse-related trigger to launch a macro.
I was looking for an Action step that would respond to a mouse
click, and I couldn't find one. I searched in the Forum about
detecting clicks and read that the USB Device Key works for
mouse-click triggers. I didn't realize that the Forum comments
referred only to a trigger for starting a macro. That's why my
search for a downloadable 'external' USB Device Key trigger that
could be used as an Action was doomed.

Greg T

You can do something like this:

  • Enable Macro “Track Mouse Clicks”
  • Set Variable “Got Click” to 0
  • Pause Until Variable “Got Click” is not “0”
  • Disable Macro “Track Mouse Clicks”

Macro “Track Mouse Clicks”:

  • Trigger on USB Device Key (Mouse Click)
  • Set Variable “Got Click” to 1