USB Device Key Trigger Not Working on Big Sur with Corsair K95 Keyboard

I have a Corsair K95 keyboard which has 6 dedicated macro keys that can be programmed with the Corsair iCue software. That software is inconvenient to use for a number of reasons. Karabiner Elements does not recognize these keys. However for quite some time I have used Keyboard Maestro, which until Catalina has been able to identify these keys using a "USB Device Key Trigger."

Now that I have upgraded to Big Sur, Keyboard Maestro (Version 9.1) no longer recognizes these keys on my Corsair keyboard. Any idea why this change occurred and if it can be fixed?

I have the same problem. Is there a fix already?

I have not found a fix other than to use iCue and map the keys to some regular key or key sequence.

If you are running out of hot keys, a unique sequence of keys can be programmed in iCue and then recognized by Keyboard Maestro.

I don't love iCue but it seems to be the only way to get the keyboard fully functional.

Keyboard Maestro’s USB Device Key trigger works by watching USB HID events and looking for places where a single bit is turned on and then off.

If the keyboard does this, Keyboard Maestro can detect this. If not, it can't. There is not a lot of wiggle room on this, so if the device doesn't behave like this, then Keyboard Maestro cannot detect it.

Also, if the device is exclusively owned by a driver, then Keyboard Maestro cannot see it.

There is a bunch of debugging that you can turn on, but it's difficult to interpret and not particularly likely to result in any kind of useful solution.

Can you map to macro keys unique key code not using regular keys by using iCue? that's like keypad_1, ...
If this could be, you check karabiner elements or keyboardmaestro recognizing those key codes.

By this way, I could use mise for windows only.

I do not think that is possible because the way you program the G keys in iCue is by "recording" actual keystrokes.

But again - you can program a G key to produce a sequence of keystrokes rather than a single keystroke if you wish. In that way you can create your own unique sequences that in turn could be recognized by KM.

On Catalina KM did recognize the G-Keys as well as the Elgato Stream Deck Software. After upgrading to Big Sur KM and Karabiner fail to recognize them while Stream Deck has no Problem. If Stream Deck some day make use of modifier keys it could replace that specific purpose for me.