USB Device Key Triggers Not Recording and Saving MacBook Air M2 2022

Recently upgraded to an M2 Macbook Air. I have a number of macros with USB device triggers attached for various keyboards I attach to the laptop. The triggers are things like "Ctrl" tapped twice to launch Chrome. The existing triggers still seem to work, but when I try to add new triggers for the keyboard that is attached to the new laptop they just don't stick. When I record one it seems to be working fine, but when I click the "Edit" button to save the macro it disappears.

Anyone have any similar experiences?

Yes - same thing here on an M2 MacBook Air. I had a conversation with Peter and he suggested looking in the System Information app (choose "About this Mac" > System Report) for the "Product ID" (of the keyboard). It appears on the M1 and M2 Macs under the "SPI" area on the left. The Product ID for the keyboard is listed as "0x0000", which is likely why KM isn't liking it... Not sure where to go from here?