USB foot switch triggers Keystroke combo

I see that KeyboardMaestro does sense a USB device connected to the Mac. Wondering if a simple USB foot switch could be used to create a single keystroke combination to create "hands free" start-stop control of a single app I'm using. Thank you!

Best way to find is to just connect your foot device, and see if KM will recognize it as a USB Device Key trigger.

Well I need to actually purchase the device, but I suppose at $15 it's not an excessive risk!

It's up to you, of course. You might post a link to the device, and then @peternlewis might be able to provide more specific guidance. In general, any USB device should be recognized, but it is entirely dependent on the USB device manufacturer to provide the proper interface that KM needs to recognize it.

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My music keyboard, which is not currently connected to my Mac, has a foot pedal, which is not a USB device, but which connects to the keyboard and the keyboard can be connected to a USB port on a computer. I suppose if I did that I could get KM to trigger on my foot pedal. Interesting idea. Thanks.

In general, I don't have specific guidance on any specific USB devices. Even if one works, there is no guarantee they wont be updated tomorrow with different firmware that does not work.

Generally, if the device is an on/off button, then it has a good chance of working - Keyboard Maestro detects buttons that generate HID (Human Interface Device) events that turn a single bit on and then off.

If the device is a proportional control, then it probably will not be detected.

But there is no way to find out other than trying it.

I fool around a lot with USB devices to make trigger inputs. All USB game controllers that i tried work, although the up/down/left/right only has two directions working.

In those Chinese online stores you can buy just the USB board and make your own controllers just by soldering any momentary switch to it. So, also a foot pedal from a keyboard. Just add a 1/4" jack and you're set.

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Worked like a charm! Thanks for the assistance!

Very interesting - since the more we can keep our fingers on the keyboard the more efficient we can be

For very common tasks perhaps a set of footswitches would be the ultiamate productivity setup

Like this:

That's a pretty cool switch. I paid a lot more for a similar but Bluetooth model designed to turn document pages on my iPad. My application involves starting a video recording while playing the violin, so having no free hands makes the foot switch a great help.

Quick Follow-up

I bought this switch from Amazon and it works perfectly to select items with KM - very nice

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