Use Authy generated number in a macro


Is there a way to copy/use Authy generated 6 digit number in a macro as part of log-in sequence?

Thank you,

Yes… but it's not as clean or precise as I'd like.

I haven't actually made the macro, but I would do something like this:

  1. Launch '/Applications/Authy'

  2. If you have a password enabled for Authy, add a Pause to Keyboard Maestro to give yourself enough time to enter it.

  3. When I launch Authy, the "Search" field is already selected, so have Keyboard Maestro type whatever will get you to the proper authentication ("Authy" if nothing else)

  4. Move and click the mouse the appropriate location to click the "Copy" button (circle icon at lower-right). This is likely to be the troublesome step, as you'll need to make sure you get that correct.

  5. At that point you should have the 6-digit code on the System Clipboard, and you can use it as usual.