Use each row of spreadsheet column as variable in loop?

I have a column of spreadsheet data which represents prices. How can I use the data from cell A1 the first time through a loop, A2 the next, and so on 100 times or more?

I don't need a live link to the sheet, I could just copy it to the clipboard, so I guess the question is also "Can I iterate through clipboard lines during a loop?".

What is the output that you are defining or constructing ?

  • A new list / column ?
  • A sequence of events ?
  • Something else ?

And what's the spreadsheet ?

  • MS Excel ?
  • Apple Numbers ?
  • Google Sheets ?

Hi, thanks!

Spreadsheet is GDocs, but it doesn't really matter, as I said, in retrospect it might be that it's easier easier that I copy the column to clipboard first. There's no requirement for the data to be 'captured' from the spreadsheet, that's just where I refer to it, I can easily just copy it to clipboard for the purpose of the macro.

So on every loop I want to use the next "price" in a macro. Actually, it will be in a web page, filling in the prices of goods for an etsy produce. But that doesn't matter, I can fgure out all that part, the bit I don't understand is using a clipboard buffer that looks something like this


etc. for 100 prices/lines/rows

how to use each one in turn, in a loop. First time through loop use the top one, each consecutive time through the loop using the next 'price' in the clipboard list/column.

I'm pretty sure you can parse the clipboard line for line as you suggest. I don't know GDocs and haven't used KM to parse text data much, but in Excel I would loop through the following steps: Copy, use the price, down arrow. (to go to next cell). Until the clipboard is empty, assuming the first empty cell is the end of the data.

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Hi Richard, I'm trying to avoid iterating through the spreadsheet as that would have me having to go to another website between each loop and then back again, hence why I also said it was probably better I copied the spreadsheet data to clipboard. I must add, I tried what you suggested already but could see it was a little too much for my specific usage.

Hey CP, this is perfect for what I need. A very concise demo! Thanks so much.