Use Folder Action to Copy Latest File to Clipboard

Hi everyone,

Hoping someone smarter than me can assist with a Macro.

Context: I create a lot of presentations for my job and am often downloading numerous image files and then dropping them into Keynote. On most occasions, drag and drop is the easiest way for this to work, however often when taking images from the web I need to download the raw file ahead of bringing it into keynote. This is also the case for screenshots.

I want to have a folder (let's call it 'Temp') that triggers an action whenever a new file is added. The workflow should be quite simple, but I can't get it to work:

  1. File added to 'Temp' folder (triggers KM action)
  2. Keyboard Maestro copies this one file (most recently addded) to my clipboard
  3. I can manually paste into my presentation software

Hope someone can help. Sorry if this is super simple - I'm just getting started.

Hi Simon,
I'm glad I can finally help someone as I asked this exact question sometime ago!

What you need to use for this is the %TriggerValue% variable. See screen shot for an example that should work for what you what.

Screenshot 2020-08-26 at 18.59.23


Thanks so much! I never would have worked this one out...

Hi, I tried this approach to do the same thing on my download folder. However it seems that It only works here when the file is moved there, not when its downloaded. Am I doing anything wrong or is there maybe a good solution to this?

Best Regards