Use Keyboard instead of Mouse for Excel Commands

Use Keyboard instead of Mouse for Excel Commands

These simple macros allow me to keep the mouse on the worksheet while quickly performing the most common Excel menu commands with the other hand.

Most are quick and easy menu calls except the two autofit commands which I cannot make work that way so there I have to highlight the apple logo and march through the menus with the arrow keys.

Bruce, thanks for your intention to share your macro, but somehow the actual macro file and image did not upload.


I used the share button per the instructions. There are 24 macros in
the set. I highlighted them all. Do I need to do each one
individually? Or something else?

Make sure you click the upload buttons (or the Both button).

Nope, you can select them all, then do the share.
The image is useless for multiple macros, so just click on the File Upload button, and then the New Topic button.

To MOVE to an existing topic, then AFTER the new topic is created:

  • Do NOT Save the new topic.
  • Select ALL in the new topic
  • CUT the selection
  • Cancel/Abort the new topic
  • Goto the existing topic
  • Create a reply
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