Use macOS/iOS Text Replacement in Chrome/Elektron

Like everyone else, I used to use TextExpander. However, I now use the Text Replacement built-in on iOS/macOS since it syncs - and works on iOS (where it is AT LEAST as important!)

I've been manually adding in my text replacement shortcuts as KM "insert text by typing" shortcuts so that they work in Chrome (and Slack and other Electron apps) on the Mac.

It's fine. I was just wondering how other people solve this. Do you REALLY use TextExpander on iOS? Switching keyboards back and forth? That seems crazy, plus the TE keyboard layout or feel just seems a bit off.

Is there some script we could work out to sync my text replacement snippets into KM? I really never used any of the advanced features of TextExpander anyway, so I can't see renewing my long since lapsed subscription for such a small benefit. I want my expansions to work without thinking.

I don't want to have to get out of the flow of writing to switch keyboards. Who does that?!

Alternatively, is there some way to make the built-in keyboard text replacement work with Chrome apps? If Text Expander did that. Just that. I'd pay the subscription.

Chrome is the new IE. :slight_smile: