Use Mouse Button as Modifier / Carabiner Interferes with KM Triggers?

First, I apologise for my lack of technical knowhow. I have used Keyboard Maestro one month, and love it.

I would like to use a mouse button as a modifier, more specifically , I want mouse button 4 to work as left command, in addition to the actual key itself. I know this goes a level below Keyboard Maestro, so I tried to do it in Carabiner. I got it to work, but now very few of my macros will trigger (also those not involving the command modifier). I understand that Carabinmer probably messes up the hotkeys, and keystrokes. What do I do? Do I have to change all my macros and retype hotkeys/keystrokes in KM with Carabiner activated to make this work? Is there another solution in KM for this that does not involve Carabiner? I am very "non technical", so no coding or complex solutions if possible please.

By the way, thank you for a great supportive community here!

Hey @Skyscraperson,

What kind of mouse?

Does it have driver software?

On what version of macOS?


I found out what the problem was. Carabiner made lesser than < into apostrophe '.
I use an external Norwegian ISO keyboard on my MacBook Pro with American internal keyboard together with Norwegian keyboard setting on my Mac. On my keyboard < is left of Z, but Carabiner changed that to '. Will try to look into fixing this in Carabiner later, but changing my macros involving < solved the problem for now.

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