Use of Amazon Polly in a browser

Does someone know a solution to use Amazon Polly to have selected text in a browser read out aloud via one of the superb neural voices?

If you tell me what key you have to press to get Amazon Polly to read selected text in a browser, then a solution is probably easy to write for you.

I found samples of the Amazon voice online. Personally, I wouldn't call it a "superb" voice. These types of voices make my head hurt when I listen to them. When I listen to speech, I can enjoy it only if there's an actual human behind it. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but there's more meaning in a voice than just hearing the words being spoken. There's some hidden meaning in the inflections and breathing behind the voice. Without those human attributes all computer-generated voices ("CGV"?) sound brain dead to me. But CGV would likely fool me if there was a human doing the reading and the computer simply "transferred" the voice into another person's voice, but this defeats the main purpose of CGV which is to save money by avoiding getting humans involved in the process. For example, the best computer generated videos of humanoid characters is when a human wears a green suit and a computer "translates" the human actor's motion into a computer-generated motion. And it's for the same reason that all CGV voices sounds non-human to me. I refuse to watch any Youtube videos which use CGV. I'd rather be water-boarded.

I agree. Superb was meant in the context of the competition.

Polly is handled via its API, so no simple click that is relevant.

There has to be some way that you trigger Polly to speak the text that you've selected. If you tell me how you trigger Polly to read the selected text, I can answer your question or write a macro for you. So far you haven't told us how you trigger Polly to process the selected text.

Thanks for your effort, but I simply don't know. In the meantime, I have found this add-on:

Since the request was on behalf of a colleague, I'll just pas this URL and will stop pursuing to create a macro.

Thanks for your time.

I'm sorry that I was unable to understand.