Useful advice for convert from TextExpander?

I’m doing a wholesale switch from TE, and this is taking a lot of getting used to. Can KM do everything TE does?

Do any of you folks have any useful info/advice on making the transition easier?

TE was fine, until the cloud-based version. Then I had reliability/speed issues, and finally just got fed up. Had no idea KM does so much.


Aaron Kulbe

Search to forum for “TextExpander”. There’s a lot of topics on the subject. :slight_smile:

You can also search on forum tags for:

Hey Aaron,

How many expansions to you have in TextExpander?


Probably 200-250? I haven’t counted lately.

Then you probably won’t have any problem moving to Keyboard Maestro.

I have thousands, and Keyboard Maestro’s UI is not as good for working with that many as a dedicated utility – so I’ve depended upon Typinator for about 8 years now (after having used TypeIt4Me and TextExpander).

What’s the most sophisticated thing you’ve done with TextExpander?


Took one on a date to dinner in Paris? :sunglasses:

Oh! You meant the “most complicated” thing . . . LOL
(sorry Chris, couldn’t resist :smiling_imp:)

Complex and sophisticated are not always synonymous. :wink: