Useful Extensions for Chromium (Blink) Based Browsers (Google, Brave, Vivaldi)

Hey @Tom,

This is off-topic, but I think you'll like it.

This extension works with Google Chrome and Brave Browser, so it should work with Vivaldi:


Many thanks for the suggestion, Chris. Indeed I like it.

From a memory-footprint point of view it seems to give very similar results to Vivaldi's built-in "Hibernate tab" feature.


Original state (all tabs normal):


Hibernating all tabs except the KM forum tab:


OneTabbing all except the KM forum tab:

(The news-aggregator tab wasn't caught, as it was a pinned tab.)

However, it has some nice uses:

  • It opens ways to alternate workarounds for the situation described in my OP in the "a question for the JavaScript experts" section.
  • As a "second stage" of hibernating (instead of right-away closing the tabs).
  • And of course for browsers that don't have a Hibernate feature built-in (for example Opera).

Do you have any more extension suggestions? (Or pm me, if you think it's too OT.)

I'm clearly not Chris, but he and I have discussed extensions at length.
Here are my active extensions in Google Chrome.
The green checkmark indicates my favorites/must haves.


If I move to Brave Browser, I will likely install all of these.

Of course, YMMV.

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Thank you. I will try these out.
Also thanks for splitting the topic.

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