Useful Hot Keys

Hello all, just thought I share with you something that I hope to be useful for the beginners (I am also still a beginner).

// width="390" height="578">

....and this is an example


Anyway you could export and share these macros?

Hi, Hope these help?

Hey Aly,

Menu » File » Export Macros…

Select your macros, choose the menu item, and save them to a file.

You can then post that file on the forum by dragging and dropping into the forum editor.


You can also select the macro group or the set of macros, and click the Share button at the top of the window and choose Keyboard Maestro Forum. Then upload the file, and click the New Topic button. Copy the text from there, cancel the new topic, and reply here.


Keyboard Maestro Macros
Here you go, many thanks all.
Untitled Macro File.kmmacros (308 KB)


How did you get all the icons?

You can drag an image or icon-file into the current icon of the macro to change it.

Thanks Jimmy,
Yes I know about that one. I guess I should have asked: “What sources do you use to create such uniform and consistent icons?”

I’m forever working on my communication skillz!

To my eye it looks like the logos directly from the respective companies.
Maybe they have a download page for logos.

Thank you… Very nice… :smile:

I just added a dozen more, Again Thank you…