User: Hello

Is the user: 'Hello', all users who have their profile hidden, or is it just one user whose username is 'hello' and has their profile hidden?

With thanks.

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"hello" is the specific username chosen by one specific user.
You can click on the username or avatar for more info.

Aah, thank you. When I click on the profile it says this user's profile is hidden, so that made me think it was a generic profile for any user who had hidden their profile. It's just good to know if I'm speaking to the same person or potentially different people!

I have my own topic, awesome

hello @Damoeire

Careful - it might get lonely over Christmas :christmas_tree:

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:rofl: If this was real life I'd feel real awkward. I honestly thought it was like a placeholder, the combination of image and user name and closed profile! Add to that that you're a fairly active user, and I thought it was multiple accounts, and needed to know for my own internal processing!

Delighted to have created your own topic. We could all do with one. (That said, feel free to delete the whole thing, it's hardly Forum Admin, more an awkward misunderstanding!)

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