User input for changing Playlist name in Pro Tools

Here is a use case that I can't find a good match for -

I'm an audiobook narrator, and I use Pro Tools to record my audiobooks. After I finish recording a chapter, I create a new playlist on the active track, and begin recording the next chapter. Before I can begin recording, though, I have to rename the playlist to reflect the number of the new chapter. The naming convention I use is typically -


As you can see the chapter number appears twice in the playlist name, and it is always at the beginning and at the end. I'd like to automate the renaming process with a KM macro that would:

  1. Select the number at the beginning of the current Playlist name
  2. Accept my input for the new chapter number
  3. Remember that input and use it to replace the number at the end of the Playlist name, so that both numbers now reflect the new chapter number.
    (note) that would also involve deleting three characters that Pro Tools automatically appends to the end of new playlist names.

Thanks, in advance for any tips on how to go about doing this.


Paul Heitsch

I think i would use Batch Track Rename (even though it is just one track to be renamed) and use regex find and replace to make the new name using the Prompt User for Variable (the next chapter, where current+1 is the default already filled in). Does this help you?

It's a start, thank you! What I currently use is the "Control-" keystroke in PT, which brings up the New Playlist dialog box. I' thinking that could also work? I'm very much not a programmer, so I'll have to look up Regex and see if I can figure out how to use that, but the Current+1 is exactly what I'm looking for, so thank you again

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Please make a start, and if you get stuck, as here for assistance.