User Input functions

Good evening maestros. I have a few question regarding button and check box functions in the User Input Box.

  1. Can you make say 4 check boxes and have only one be selectable at a time?
  2. Can you have a ‘next’ button that when clicked increases a variable by 1 and pops open a new box to enter in new information?
  3. Can you have a ‘finish’ button that breaks the cycle of new boxes and moves on the next task? Without canceling the macro obviously.

So just to be clear, the first box opens, the user enters data into the fields, you click next, a new box opens, you enter new data into the fields and as long as you click next another box will open for input indefinitely. When you no longer need a new box you just click finished and KM moves on to the next task. The ‘next’ button increases a variable by 1 each time so when you click Finish that variable has the number of input boxes you used.


in regards to question 1 I think I will just make a pull down list instead since that is basically what I am looking for, one selection possible. Though maybe would be good to know if the check box thing is possible

As you correctly surmised, there is currently no way to create a radio checkbox in Prompt for User Input where only one option at a time can be selected, but a dropdown menu accomplishes functionally the same thing. As for your other two questions, the answer, happily, is "yes," and here's an example of how you might go about doing that:

[Example] Repeat User Input Prompt.kmmacros (4.6 KB)

I've left the default "OK" and "Cancel" buttons in the prompt for now, but you could easily delete or change them so that you just have "Next" and "Finish". If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, but I also encourage you to look over the wiki pages for the Prompt for User Input ( and Until ( actions if you haven't already done so (the former is an especially exhaustive resource with a lot of information on the many different things you can do with prompts, and is how I learned about the %PromptButton% token used in this example).

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thank you this worked perfectly. I did go through the wiki for user prompt and must have missed the %PromptButton% part that Im definitely seeing now in there. ‘Until’ I will look at for sure, have not used that one before this particular macro.

Thank you gglick!

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