User Input Icon Generator

Stream Deck, Shortcuts, Notion, even Keyboard Maestro make use of icons. I'm jumping in and out of photshop constantly to make these things. But what if a trigger opened a user input dialog that took in properties such as background color (even gradient) title text, text icon or image for the foreground, and output a 600x600 jpg. Seems like something Keyboard Maestro could do. I'm not very good with user input, but that's my suggestion.

I'm not entirely clear what you are suggesting. Perhaps show an image of what you are trying to do?

Hi Peter,

Sorry I wasn't clear. I'm not really trying to do anything. Just a suggestion more than anything. I don't even know what app would be used to accomplish this. I've been making a ton of images for stream deck buttons and I'm imagining a process that takes user input and makes the .jpg or .png. I imagine you could do it in pixelmator, photoshop, keynote, or dozens of other apps or even browser tools. But I don't have a clear enough vision to explain it as a Keyboard Maestro macro.

Is that not close enough to fruition to post as a suggestion?

Peter is unlikely to ever build an UI to do all that.

However that doesn't mean Keyboard Maestro couldn't do the job.

Many things are possible between Keyboard Maestro native actions, its custom HTML prompt, the shell, and AppleScript.

You can script Pixelmator:

I think Photoshop still supports scripting.

So you have all kinds of options if you want to roll up your sleeves and do the work.