User Input in KM

Pardon the naive Keyboard Maestro question.

I want to create a macro to prompt me to input a name into a dialog box that I will then paste in to an OmniFocus task.

I see KM action: Prompt for User Input but am not clear how I use this action to capture an input. Once the macro has the stored value, what action do I use to paste the value?

I am comfortable with the OmniFocus side of the macro.

Thanks in advance.

As per the below image, the prompt for user input action sets the user input to the appropriate variable (first column). You can then use that variable as I have in the second action.

I have used an instance variable (but you should use a local variable, see below for why). I've also used the double underscore technique to just show "details" in the prompt box.

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As I have recently learned, it would be best to use a Local variable in this case, rather than an Instance variable.
Instance variables are really only advised when you plan to share the variable with a Sub-Macro.

For more info, see

I couldn't decide upon that myself. I hedged my bets that the OP would potentially have submacros and didn't want my example to mess him up if he did, but in hindsight I should probably have gone with local and then let him ask follow up questions. Edit original post. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you both. Is my nomenclature correct here?

Seems fine. But, as mentioned by @vincent_ardern, I would use two underscores in the variable name, to prevent the ugly “Local” prefix from appearing in the prompt window: Local__Details


Thank you for your help!