Using a USB Key Trigger With Apple Remote Desktop

I have a Mac that I access via AppleRemoteDesktop. Both my Local Mac and the Remote Mac have KM installed.

I'm using a Logitech mouse on my local Mac; it has Back and Fwd keys for browsing on the left side, next to your thumb. I can't seem to get KM to trigger the Back or Forward commands in Safari, regardless of which computer holds the Macro.

I can set up the macro with no problem on the local computer, in a group that is limited to ARD. When I click the mouse key, nothing happens on the remote computer.

When I try to set up the macro over ARD on the remote machine, it doesn't see the USB key, so I can't set up the macro.

Accessibility is on for KM on both machines.

Any clues on how to make this work?

Have you considered a URL trigger?

I don't know how to make that work. I want to click on the side button on the mouse locally, and have it trigger the Back (cmd-[) command on the remote computer.

Passing local triggers to a remote computer can be tricky (similarly with local virtual machines). But you could try setting the macro so it isn't active when ARD is the active app in the hope that the USB Key trigger is sent to the remote machine and triggers the macro there.

You could also try having the local macro always respond to the USB key trigger, but when ARD is frontmost it sends an URL or Script trigger (@rkaplan's suggestion, above) to the remote machine.

I've tried this and it doesn't work. I can't even set up the macro on the remote machine, because KM on the remote machine doesn't see the USB Key trigger. When I try to set the trigger by pressing the USB key, KM doesn't see it.

You might not need to. Set the macro up, including trigger, on the local machine. In KM Editor, copy the macro. In ARD "Send clipboard" to the remote machine (I don't trust clipboard syncing and always turn it off -- YMMV). On the remote machine, open up KM Editor, open the Group you want the macro in, and paste.

"Normal" triggers carry over when you do that, I'm hoping that USB key triggers that can't be "resolved" locally do too.