Using action notes

I like the new action note feature. I’ve often insert comments to clarify, qualify, or explain the next action for myself, but I’d rather reserve comments for information useful to readers of the macro. So I tried adding a note. There doesn’t seem to be any indication on the macro that it has a note. How would I know?

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I don't use Action Notes for that reason.

I use the following:

  • Rename the Action to indicate more specifically it is doing.
  • Put a block of Actions into a Group Action, also renamed.
  • Use the Comment action.
    • Put a short, summary comment as its title
    • Put details in the body, if needed.

Good use of macro groups, which I haven’t tried using before.

The gear menu goes blue if there is a note (or anything else interesting in the gear menu).

It’s all just too cool! Full of wonderful surprises, which once you’ve about you realize you should probably have guessed it was something like that. Who would add a Note feature without an indicator to say there was a note? :wink: