Using Calendar event with specific title as a trigger



Is it possible to use a calendar event, with a specific name, as trigger.

In other words I'd like to setup macros that are triggered only when speciifc events happens, such as:

Calendar event name is "Get Pizza" do these actions
Calendar event name is "Meet Bob" do these actions

Thanks for any and all help.


Hey Adrian,

I don't think you've sufficiently described the scope of your problem.



So, are you looking for something like an Apple Mail Rule, that is triggered when a Calendar item is saved with a specific name?

If so, I don't believe Apple Calendar supports Rules like Mail does. A quick search did not turn up anything, and I don't see any Rules menu or settings in Calendar.

However, what you might be able to do is to use KM Macros with AppleScript to enter a new Calendar item, and then it could test for the keywords of interest, and take whatever action you'd like.

Please provide more details on exactly what you would like to automate, so we can be of more help.


Thanks guys for the help. Let me clarify:

This is for events I already have in my calendar. I'm not looking to create a calendar event. I'm looking for a way to monitor my calendar for specific events, and when they occur, open a URL.

  • Let's say it's 11:50am and i have an event already scheduled for 12pm that's called "Get Pizza".

  • At 12pm the "Get Pizza" trigger should fire (as it's monitoring for any events in my calendar called "Get Pizza"), with the action "Set Google Chrome URL" to "".

Hopefully this is clearer and thanks in advance!


Hey Adrian,

Okay. There's no way to continuously monitor your calendar, but you can set a periodic trigger to scan it for events.

Unfortunately there's not a good API from Apple for doing this, but Shane Stanley has written a couple of libraries that make more things possible.

See this library.

I believe it has a dependency on Shane's Bridge Plus library as well.

I haven't used them, so if you need help you should ask on the Script Debugger Forum.

Shane hangs out there and is available for direct questions.



Very helpful - thanks Chris! Will investigate


@adamg, good luck. As far as I can tell, the Apple Calendar is extremely limited, as compared with something like MS Outlook Calendar. I don't even see a way to get a reminder for when a Calendar event is about to occur. Even the iOS Calendar is better!!!

If it were me, I'd look for a better Calendar tool.

Here's an idea:

  • Use Apple Reminders instead of Calendar.
  • Put the URL in the Reminder notes
  • When the reminder pops up, just click the link

Something like this:


The above is both the display when you enter the reminder, and what is displayed when the Reminder notification pops up, and you click on it.

Simple, easy to implement.

Also, Reminders are scriptable.


I'm using BusyCal as an alternative to the  calendar @adamg. I've created a macro that allows me to schedule my KM URL's there quickly and effectively.
The KM macros then open automatically at the due date and time.

In this example the browser window of Ghostnote 2 opens...


Really digging this tip, thanks!