Using clipboard switcher etc

Hello all. Newbie user here. So I’m trying to get the hang of the multiple clipboard possibilities in this program. I use an audio app called Pro Tools, and am often having to copy/paste different selections of audio. I have found and opened the clipboard history switcher in KM, but it does not appear to include any of my copied items in Pro Tools. Is this a limitation I am unfortunately unable to proceed with? Or is there some hidden thing I should do to make my ‘Command-C’ copied items in PT show up in KM?

That said, is the clipboard switcher only for standard things like text and images? This being a selection of audio, maybe KM isn’t made to handle stuff that isn’t applicable across apps? Just a guess. Hopefully it’s just a dumb mistake of mine!


I don’t know enough about clipboard switcher, either, but I saw that you hadn’t received a reply yet, so here goes. Some apps have proprietary clipboards that aren’t compatible with KM’s clipboard history.

For example, I sometimes use MPEG Streamclip to edit video, and I can cut copy and paste away inside a video window in the application, but the clipboard history of KM won’t change and can’t be used in other contexts.

One way to test (KB 8) is to create a new macro with a trigger something like “when KM deactivates” with the single action Activate clipboard history switcher. Then when you’re ready to check, you can launch KM, then click the desktop or something to show the history. Copy some different stuff, then open history again (by activating KM and clicking the desktop) to see if the contents changed. After you’ve made your determination, you probably want to clear clip history and disable the macro.

Thanks! That’s what I figured (proprietary clipboard or thereabout).