Using Evernote with Keyboard Maestro

Typically, I do this:

  1. Use Evernote Web Clipper (Chrome) to capture the text of interest
  2. During the capture process, or later in Evernote, assign relevant tags, like:
    (very often, the EN Clipper will have automaticly suggested the correct tags)
  • SW.KM
  • FU.Action (Follow Up)
  • !Fav
  1. ALL new Notes initially go into my Evernote “Inbox” notebook
  • I periodicly reivew notes in “Inbox” to classify (add Tags) and then move to either my “InWork” or “Active” notebook
  1. While I am actively working on a Note, it stays in the “InWork” notebook, then gets moved to “Active” when I’m done.

This is the process I use in general, not just with KM.