Using KM 7 for text expansions

I am Swedish but use an American keyboard to enter text. So I need a convenient method to enter national characters and other non-ascii7 characters. I have for many years used either Typinator or aText for that, but I thought I use fewer utilities and try to do more with KM.

I have a bunch of text snippets like this that expands immediately when typed:
.aa -> å, .oe -> ö, .oo -> ø

and also things like:
.Gamma -> Γ, .aleph -> ‭א …

This mostly works fine, but in some applications - in particular form fields with auto completion, KMs way of sending several backspaces to erase the to-be-expanded text fails. I don’t know how the dedicated text expansion applications do this, but they handle it better at least. Any chance for KM to get some improvements in this area?

Hello Sven,

If you’re a heavy user of text-abbreviations then it’s wise to stick with a dedicated utility.

While Keyboard Maestro does them pretty well, it doesn’t stand up to Typinator (which I use myself).


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