Using KM or Other Program to View Generic Hotkeys?

I'm wondering if this is possible to build out in KM or if anyone knows of another program that might be able to do this. I'm not looking for someone to build this, just wondering if someone has seen it done, or might have some initial ideas on how to build something like this in KM, because I'm at a bit of a loss.

I would love to have a program or some kind of macro which allows for an interface similar to Adobe Premiere's for viewing hotkeys. For those that have never seen it, here's a link. Basically, it gives you a live view of all the hotkeys currently assigned, and it changes based on what modifier keys you're currently holding.

Even if I have to manually input what hotkeys are going where, I would love love love a program that could just serve as a GUI for a list of hotkeys. I use a program called Obsidian every day with a huge list of poorly organized hotkeys, most of which are things I've randomly assigned and then forgotten to use. I would love to be able to maintain a list that can auto-populate (if possible) some visual keyboard layout, and all the better if I can view it on a screen.

Anyone have thoughts on this? I've had ideas ranging from something hacky in Excel to trying to set something up in KM.

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Nice! Do you know if either of these would support a display of the shortcuts in a keyboard format? Both seem promising.

I've also been looking for something that displays shortcuts as they'd appear in a keyboard.
So far haven't had any luck or doesn't exist.

Just curious here, @Nickrs @hello, as to how such a display would look?

I mean, if I have a keyboard shortcut A thar results in “do something” how would you display that on a keyboard diagram?

See the link in the OP to the Premiere keyboard shortcut layout

Thanks @Nickrs - I did see that but it doesn’t address the case where the A key does several completely different things when used in conjunction with different modifiers.

For example:
A - auto rename
A - append
A - activate monitor

(Apologies for the poor examples, I’m just trying to get a feel for the extent/limits of what you’d expect to see in a diagrammatic representation.)

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Ah, that's one of the coolest features of Premiere. It changes based on what modifier you're holding, so you can review the entire keyboard based on each modifier.

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OK I understand: when you press a modifier key the diagram changes to reflect that. Thanks!