Using KM to write to a file to import into TextExpander as snippet group

I am trying to create some forms in TextExpander and thought I could use KM for creating a snippet file that could be imported into TE to use to fill out the forms. Basically, KM would output to a file the abbreviation and the snippet. The abbreviations would match the variables in TE. My limited thinking says this can be done. TE snippets to import appears to be in two columns – the abbreviation and the snippet. I have KM asking for the info to be filled in - i.e., first name, last name, address, phone no., etc. This was simple to do. I am contemplating how to write the info to a file in two columns for importing.

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I’m not sure I understand your objective.
Why not just create the snippets in TE, using the TE fill-in fields?
What advantage/automation to you hope to achieve using KM?

First is to avoid duplication or repetition of information. Second is to preserve the info in a file as I can delete the snippet group when done put still have the file for future reference. Third, Info will be used in multiple forms in TE. Last, KM presents a cleaner (to me) interface for inputting the info.

If you like the KM interface better, then why not just use KM as a text expander?

  1. KM macros can be triggered by a “typed string”, just like TE.
  2. You could store the common info in KM variables
  3. You could put the KM macros in a macro group
  4. You could disable/enable these macros, or the entire group, as needed

Sorry if I’m missing something important about using KM to create TE snippets, but I think that will be a lot of work. Do you really need the snippets to be in TE?

Thanks for your input. Perhaps I should have simply asked how to have KM write two columns to a file. I know about the write to file action. I don’t know about how to output to two columns. Maybe it is as simple as inserting a tab. I’ll keep looking. Thanks anyway.

OK. Good luck.

It’s actually easier than I first thought.