Using KM with Stream Deck Plus

Hello all!

We already have stream deck trigger input for the standard Stream Deck button, BUT Elegato last year came out with the Stream Deck Plus ( Stream Deck + | Elgato ).

This new unit features dials and a touch screen and it would be phenomenal if the dials and touchscreen could be used for input in Keyboard Maestro.
The SD Plus now has midi control implemented which is great.

It would open up a whole world of options, especially fro all of us in the video world with After effects, Color Grading with DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut, etc.

I anyone already knows a way to do this please let me know.


Looks like you can trigger hotkeys with the dials, so you could use these to trigger KM macros.

It might be worth downloading some free profiles to see how other people are integrating it.

Thats an option. I wanted to utilize the dials for mouse moves within a software like DaVinci Resolve and it's color wheels or more specifically, the curves panel. It would be great to grab a point on the line in the caves panel and move it. then I can pick it up at its new location and move it again if need be.

FWIW I use a nObcontrol for that sort of thing and I can't recommend it highly enough.

I'd like to second this and point out that while you could use a workaround like triggering KM with midi or a hotkey, without the KM plugin supporting the dials you can't update the images or text strings on the dial screen (afaik).

I'd really love to see this become a possibility especially because of how much screen real estate there is for the dials compared to the standard buttons

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