Using MacBook Air M2 Keyboard as USB Device Key Trigger

I am trying to set up some USB Device Key triggers on a new MacBook Air M2. When I set them up initially, they look like this:

But when I close KM and open again, I see this:

The trigger has disappeared. I am assuming it has something to do with the trigger being labeled as 'product id 0', but this is the first time I have seen this type of issue.


Are you open to us resolving your issue by doing something else as a trigger, rather than USB device keys? It is usually not the most elegant method and clearly it has issues for you here. If you are, then please describe what it is that the USB device key triggers would be used for if they were working. Basically I’m pretty sure you could just use a combination of groups, hotkey triggers and flow logic to achieve what you’re looking for in an elegant manner.

Hey Vincent. I have ways around this issue. I am looking to see if anyone has had this specific issue and if they have a solution for it.


Yes - same thing here on an M2 MacBook Air. I had a conversation with Peter and he suggested looking in the System Information app (choose "About this Mac" > System Report) for the "Product ID" of the keyboard. It appears on the M1 and M2 Macs under the "SPI" area on the left. The Product ID for the keyboard is listed as "0x0000", which is likely why KM isn't liking it... Not sure where to go from here?

My use case is to remap the right Option key to the Enter key. Useful for entering data in FileMaker Pro records - when you're finished typing, press the right Enter key to commit/save the data. I've been using this with the USB Device trigger for years, but the M2 MacBook Air lists the keyboard "Product ID" as "0x0000", which is likely why KM isn't accepting the right Option key as a trigger. Is there another way to emulate the pressing of the Enter key? Thanks!

Can you not just hit Return while holding down the function (fn) key?

If you want to do it from KM, "Type a Keystroke" also remaps a typed fn-Return as Enter.

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The fn trick is always worth a try.

Otherwise, find a key you don't (or rarely) need in FileMaker that is near right Option and remap it to Enter. If you really need this rarely used key, use the fn trick again.

You can of course also use karabiner elements or BTT.

Hi All,

fn-Return submits the record in FileMaker Pro, so problem solved for this use case.

That said, the keyboard "Product ID" on the M2 MacBook Air remains "0x0000", which seems a bug and prevents any "Device Key" macro in KM from working. I've submitted feedback at Apple. Who knows if this will ever receive any attention on their end.

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Not just for this case -- fn-Return acts as the Enter key in all cases (unless the receiving software decides differently, of course), and even works for an Extended keyboard that has an Enter key!