Using Macros Created on a double monitor setup in a single monitor setup

Novice here, apologies ahead of time.

Intel Mac Mini / 10.15.7 / Pro Tools / Keyboard Maestro

I've been creating macros in Maestro for use in Pro Tools. I've made these for my desktop setup, which has two monitors. Many of my macros contain on "move & click mouse" actions on my secondary monitor. In general, I've tried to avoid these, but for some macros I couldn't find more elegant solution.

If I were to move to a single monitor setup, is there anyway to still be able to fire off these macros that were operating on my second monitor?

If more clarity needed:

  • On dual monitor setup, I create a macro that moves and clicks mouse at certain position on my secondary monitor.
  • I transition to single monitor setup, and somehow (magic?) I am able to still perform that macro.

Maybe solution uses Mission Control? I am going to try to solve in meantime, if anyone knows easy solve for this, please let me know, thanks!

Hey Aaron,

With a single monitor of possibly different size and resolution you definitely have changes that may cause failures.

But any problems should be relatively easy to remedy.


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Really it would just be a case of adjusting where the move/click mouse actions point to. If you are planning on going back and forth between a single and dual monitor setup, then you could use the SCREENCOUNT function to setup actions for both arrangements by doing something like in the screenshot below.

-Also Chris

One way of using SCREENCOUNT function (click to expand/collapse)

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Thank you both! Will definitely test out the screencount function.