Using Multi-Command Hotkeys (For Emacs)

Hello, I would like to substitute command for control-based keybindings for shell and emacs operations. But I didn't see a way to create multi-command trigger like "ctrl-x, ctrl-s" (using hotkey or typed text triggers). Is this possible in some other way?

The answer to your question depends on whether you want (a) KM to have direct support for this, or (b) if you're willing to go to a little work writing macros to make this happen.

If the former, I think the answer is no. If the latter, I think the answer is yes. I can imagine a way to implement multi-key sequences.

Can you give me a better idea of what you want? Do you want to emulate all of emacs, or just a few key sequences? How many macros are we talking about? Which keys are intended to be used in key sequences? (Control keys? ASCII keys?) How many keys in a row make a key sequence (two or three or more?) Do you need timeouts? When you ask a very broad question, solutions are more complex than when you list your requirements and a narrow solution can be provided. When you get specific, it's easier to discuss solutions. So can you get specific?

For example, for a broad solution, I can imagine a KM macro which stores a multi-line string (or maybe a dictionary) which contains the following data. But I can also imagine less flexible solutions that are simpler, it all depends what your requirements are, as listed in the previous paragraph.

CTRL-X CTRL-Z MacroName1
CTRL-Z CTRL-X MacroName2

Hi, Thank you for the reply. I would be mapping only a few Emacs commands with compound sequences (off the top of my head, ctrl-x + crtl-s and ctrl-x + ctrl-c and lets say a couple more). I think all have ctrl-x as always the first sequence in those compound statements. No timeouts to keeps things simpler.

I've never used emacs, but if I understand what you're looking for correctly, you should be able to do this with palettes. Ctrl-X could be the hotkey that activates the palette for one action, and the actual macros in the palette could then be assigned to Ctrl-S, Ctrl-X, and so on as you need.

That sounds cool. I've never used palettes, so I never think of them. Sounds like it could work. So for now let's assume that's his best path forward.

I appreciate the suggestion but was hoping for the muscle memory of the control-x, control-s and other commands. I think my best option is to use a different text editor like sublime that allows more sophisticated remapping of commands and then use emacs-like keybindings.