Using Photobooth as a Camera: very very simple but very useful macro

This a very very simple macro, but it solved a problem for me.

I needed to take some photos and the only camera I had was my Macbook, but the keyboard combination is ridiculous if you are NOT trying to take a photo of yourself. Anyway, with the keyboard the wrong way round, the TAB key looked a good candidate, so I created this macro which is ONLY activated within Photobooth. I added the spacebar later as it again is easier than the default when taking pictures of yourself.

If within Photobooth application, 
   then if TAB or SPACE pressed
          then take picture. :smile:  :smile: 

Remember to put it in its own macro group only active within Photobooth.

Take Picture! use Tab key! TAB or SpaceBar.kmmacros (3.1 KB)

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