Using Same Macro (Or Group) in Different Version of Same Application

I tried a search but no results.
I use a lot of macros with music notation software. When I purchase a new version (same name in the menu) I have to add manually the new version to all of my macros, not only in the group.
is there a way to do it automatically?

Hi Guido - a question like this was discussed before in this thread:

I recommend having a read of it as it may well hold the answer for you.

Thanks @tiffle,
the problem is that the name of the app remains the same but Keyboard Maestro doesn't recognize it. For example, when I use a menu to call an action the macro couldn't find it, even if it is in the same position as in the previous version.

Can you give an example of how you need to change one of your macros to make it work again. For example a “before” and “after” screenshot, something like that?

This image show the two version of Finale app open simultaneously. The topmost is the older and have a different name and icon in finder but the same name in the menu.

The second image shows the menu choice in Keyboard Maestro, here you see 2 versions with the same name and if I don't change the version the macro won't work.


Even if both version are open the macro works only in the old version of Finale if I don't make any changes

That sounds like a pain. A question - is there a reason you are keeping two versions of the App on the computer and not deleting the old version of the App? Do you sometimes need the old version?

@Zabobon Yes, due to some substantial changes between versions, sometimes I can't use the newer one to open old files because it would create a lot of problems. Or if the customer uses a version older than mine then he could no longer open the file worked with the newer one.

Now I'm working with the new version and, really strange, many macros are working. I only added the new version to all groups and menus are recognized. It didn't happen in the past.
So I think the problem is solved (at the moment).
Some macros, because of interface change, obviously are not working, but this was expected by me.
Thanks for your replies.

That's great. Always the best solution when problems solve themselves! :grinning:

Hey Guido,

You realize you can case against the version of the app and change the behavior of a given macro as necessary?


set frontApp to path to frontmost application as text
tell application frontApp
   return its version
end tell

There's a way to do this with the shell that might be a trifle faster, but I don't have time to dig it up right now.