Using 'select menu item' macro when item's name changes



I'm using the SELECT OR SHOW A MENU ITEM macro, which works great. But, my menu item changes in my application (AVID) depending on the state of the window. It will go from something like 'SFX' to 'SFX (sorted)'. Is there a simple way to work around this?



Hello Alph,

I don't have AVID to test but check out this solution from @gglick and see if you can modify it for your liking.


Yes. If the menu item will always start with the same characters, just use this as the menu item name:

The "^" tells KM to match any menu item that STARTS with the following characters.

See Select or Show a Menu Item action.


Beautiful. Thanks!


Thanks kcwhat! This isn't exactly what I was looking for but it's awesome anyway. Thanks!