Using single characters ad set shortcut keys, but disable them when typing in any text field

Hi all!

I've been struggling lately to use single letters and numbers as custom shortcuts, without disrupting any keystrokes when typing in text fields, renaming layers/tabs, or saving/exporting window. I've tried using If/Then when certain menu's or buttons are enabled, exists, etc. but I could not make it flawless. Maybe there's a much easier way that I'm not aware about.

I really hope I can make this work, because I've found so many convenient solutions:) Right now, I mainly use it in photo/video editing tools like Photoshop or Davinci. If there's no solution, I'm also ok using a shortcut to Quit/Launch the Keyboard Maestro Engine. I think a simple script could do this, but I still don't have enough knowledge with scripting:) Any suggestion is appreciated, thanks in advance!

There is no good way to tell whether the Mac is currently in a typing context (text editor, text field, whatever).

Trying to get this to work is unlikely to be successful.

The best solution is to have a separate means to turn on/off your modifier-free hot keys, or to not use use such hot keys except in specific controlled situations, such as in specific applications or specifically named windows.

Hi Peter, thanks for the quick response. Pitty there's no way to tell, but have a separate means is workable. I think it will be a short typed string to disable/enable the macro group of the application. Have a nice weekend!

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