Using split Path


Im sure easy but I am unfamiliar with best way to do this. Simple way to clean this Macro up so it just shows "XYZ File moved to Murano Maintenance" as opposed to showing the entire path of file Moved?

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Yep, just create another variable with only the file name.
See Get File Attribute action (KM Wiki)

Would you mind explain a bit further please? Not sure how this would be written/utilized. Thanks!

Something like this:


Thank You!

Lol, One issue and I am sure I am just missing this, but I can’t find “get file name to variable” action. Is it possible I have a different action set than you?

Never mind the last part, I see now. Thanks!

Actually, that is a good question that many may have. So, for the benefit of all, allow me to explain.

Technically, this action is called:

You can easily find it using the Insert Action by Name command (⌃⌘A):
I found it just by typing "file"

The popup list next to Get allows you to select which attribute you want:



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