Using templates in Evernote

I'm a relative babe in the woods to KM, but I'm finding it really useful. I have a question related to Evernote. I have a Evernote notebook called "Template Library". In this notebook I have a note that I use for note taking:

I would like to be able to copy this note to another notebook and I would fill in the template with my meeting notes. I don't care if the note is copied or the contains are copied into a new note. I would think that something like this has been created before. Has anyone done this?



Here’s a script that will do exactly what you want. It uses Evernote’s export/import capabilities so it will maintain checkboxes and attachments which are usually lost when copying notes via their AppleScript API.

Thanks! However when I click on the URL on your site I get

Not Found

The requested URL /crappysoftware/Create new note from note was not found on this server.

One of many links that didn't survive my site's migration to Tumblr I guess. Sorry about that!

Try this...

Create new note from note (1.4 KB)

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Wow!! This is exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks iNik!

I’m glad it’s helpful!