Using the Demo version for a few weeks at a studio

Hi Mods… or owner :slight_smile:

I’m a longtime owner/user of KM… and I have a gig in another city that will last me about 3 weeks. This will be a pressure cooker environment and I will need all my KM macros to meet my deadlines. The problem is, I will be using the studio’s computer. I’m pretty sure they don’t have KM installed.

So, My question is… is it OK for me to install the demo version on their computer and then load in my Key Commands?

This will be for Mac OS 18.8.6 and therefore KM 6.4. Since my gig there will only be 3 weeks, my guess the demo mode wouldn’t time out before 30 days and it would be fully functional. Correct?

Can’t live without my KM!! :smiley:


Andrew K

Sounds fine. The trial is usually around a month.

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Thanks!! Wish me luck!!