V8 Gesture Trigger - Triggering Double Click Followed By Swipe?

I spotted a new Gesture Trigger and I have a use case for trackpad / mouse gestures that I wonder if this could be used for.

In TN3270 the way to select text is to double click and drag. Close to 100% of the time I want to do something with that text, 99% of which would be typing Cmd+C to copy to the clipboard and then process from there.

I could see the Gesture Trigger being used to detect a swipe - which might indeed Cmd+C and then pop up a palette of macros. But not all swipes are drags: Only the ones preceded by a double click.

Is automation by Keyboard Maestro feasible with Double-Click followed by swipe?

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Hello @MartinPacker, try your plan after double-clicking or selecting with a hotkey trigger.
Using the mouse gesture trigger is not so easy to implement. Here's my macro...

Copy & Palette.kmmacros (2,1 KB)