Value Inspector truncating long variables

Just discovered the Value Inspector. Looks like a useful feature!

Unfortunately, when i use it to display variables that contain a lot of text, there are two problems:

  1. The text doesn't wrap, so any lines longer than the window length are truncated.
  2. The text display is only high enough to show the first eight lines (and a little bit of the top of the ninth).

You can see the problem in this screenshot:

Is this a known issue?

It is a known behaviour, yes.

If you want to display your variables in other ways, you will probably have to use an alternative solution, maybe a Custom HTML Prompt window, or maybe open it in a TextEdit window or something like that.

Ah, thanks for the reply. I would request that the text area be made resizeable or scrollable when the variable content doesn't fit.

I think the Custom HTML Prompt window or text-file solution wouldn't update when the variable changes, right? What seems useful about the Value Inspector is that it updates in real time.

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The Custom HTML Prompt window could update continuously. Writing the variable to a text file could also be done continuously, and BBEdit (for example) would detect those changes in real time.

That would be very challenging for most of us, including me.
If you really think that is a better solution, then perhaps you could provide an example Custom HTML Prompt that would do what you say.


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