Variable delay

I want to delay for a variable amount of time (variable N, say). Neither Pause nor Repeat (where I could repeat delay 1 second N times) allow variables. Any suggestion for how to delay for a computed amount? (There’s always AppleScript. I suppose.)

I keep forgetting to specify that I’m still using KM 6, on Mountain Lion.

This is working for me in KM7 on Yosemite:

I'm not sure if it works in KM6 or not.


According to KM6 Documentation on Macro Actions:

pause for a number (which may be a calculation) of seconds.

Works in KM6. I was trying to use %Variable%Count%

I am still confused about when to use variable names directly and when with that syntax. I’ve been reading lots of Discourse entries with issues like that, so I think I’m beginning to get the idea, but it didn’t occur to me this time.

Is the rule that anywhere a number is expected a variable whose value looks like a number can be used, and must be used without the %%% syntax?

Yep, you do NOT need the % delimiters when using a variable name in a numeric or calculation field.

Almost any Macro Action that requires a number can also use a variable, even though the initial amount of space in the field may not look like it.

Correct. Read: Text Fields

Numeric fields take numeric calculations (eg “Count * 5”)

Text fields take token text (eg “The clipboard is %CurrentClipboard%”).