Variable repeat problems


I'm trying to create a macro that repeats a set of actions a number of user-specified times. I've followed the instructions in the 'Variable Repeat' post, but it does't seem to work. Can someone let me know why I see the Invalid error with the below:


That is simply because the variable Count is blank now because the macro has never been run.if you click the gear icon on the user input and click try, then you set the variable.


Ah…thank you!

Just leaning the ropes here…

I know how you feel.
Have been there myself.
But this forum is one of the most helpfull I have come across.

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Note in your image Count is orange and not red. that indicates that the expression is not currently valid, but could be valid if the variable had a different value.

Thank you Peter - that makes good sense in light of Jimmy’s reply.