Variables not syncing in latest update 7.0.3

Variables not syncing all the time? Any clues

I thought I had noticed that as well, but also thought that maybe it was just my bad memory.
I’ll do a test later today to confirm/deny I’m seeing the same behavior.

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####I can confirm this behavior in KM 7.0.3 on Yosemite 10.10.5, sync via DropBox:

  1. New variables do sync (show in the Variable list)
  2. The values of variables do not sync

I thought the values used to sync as well, but I could be mistaken.
Is this the expected behavior?

I would prefer that the values also sync.

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I found the answer in Keyboard Maestro 7 Documentation

Note: Only your macros are synced. None of your preferences, clipboards or variables are synced.

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I updated the KM Wiki to add this note.
Syncing Macros Between Macs [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

As noted, only your macros sync, nothing else syncs. Variables have never synced.

Note that variables referenced by any macro will appear in variable lists, so after the macros sync, the variables will be shown in the popup menus, but the value of the variables do not sync.

We’ve had a discussion or two about how to sync variables between Macs.

Personally I’d use a system of text files in my Dropbox folder for sheer simplicity.

For immutable values Nik suggested using a series of macros that another macro would run to populate variable values.

So you could have several macros to:

  • Set variable <Variable-Name-01> to text <Your Tex-01>
  • Set variable <Variable-Name-02> to text <Your Tex-02>

Then use a manual or automated trigger to run another macro to run the set-variable macros in sequence.

And of course there are more possibilities.


Thank you @ccstone, @peternlewis and @JMichaelTX

@ccstone I have been pondering on this idea maybe a good to write variables to file.

Quite clear on the Syncing now though why isn’t there an option for this? :wink:

Though I didn’t mention that variables are being set to null intermittently.