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I have spent more than 15 minutes trying to understand that page, and the issue that really through me off is that, by a tremendous coincidence, there are exactly 11 characters both before and after the %|% in the first example. So I was looking at the first 11 characters, when I should have been looking at the second 11 characters.

Yes, once I read the whole thing, it made sense. But one shouldn't have to read the whole thing in order to make sense of an ambiguity earlier on. This would require such a trivial change to fix, I hope nobody objects. Just change the name from Nikola to nearly any other name, eg, Elizabeth.

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From the first sentence in the wiki entry:

which adds a sequence of left arrow keystrokes to the end of the action

Sounds pretty clear to me.

By the way, thanks for mentioning this feature - I didn't even know it exists.

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Same here. Thanks @Sleepy, this just instantly solved a problem I was having with an email Macro I've been working on. I'd been using a much more complicated way to get the cursor to move somewhere after pasting.