Ventura System Settings Issue

Since Updating to Ventura every time I restart my system I get the messages about needing to give KBM permission to control the computer. When I look at system settings it is already enabled. This is happening with a number but not all third party products any idea what is causing this and more importantly what I can do to resolve it?

Thanks In advance

Take a look at this recent thread:

It might help.

First, ensure that Keyboard Maestro is not translocated, as that can cause this sort of issue.

Try togging the settings off and on again.

Otherwise, see: Accessibility Permission Problem assistance.

Hello Peter, after posting I found the link to the translocation article in the Wiki and followed the instructions ended up deleting and reinstalling KBM and am encountering the same issue. I have also opened a case with Apple Care but honestly I don't hold out much hope that they will be able to help solve it. I'll try the suggestions Accessibility Permissions Problem entry and report back tomorrow.


Set Permissions for both the KM Engine and the KM Editor.

Hello, I followed the instructions in the Translocation Wikipedia article and that seems to have resolved the problem....



Thanks for your suggestion, ultimately it seemed to be resolved when I followed the instructions in the translocation Wikipedia article.


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